Il 18/09/2013 17:35, Jan Beulich ha scritto:
On 18.09.13 at 17:26, Fabio Fantoni <> wrote:
Il 18/09/2013 16:30, Jan Beulich ha scritto:
On 18.09.13 at 16:12, Fabio Fantoni <> wrote:
Il 18/09/2013 14:42, Jan Beulich ha scritto:
On 18.09.13 at 14:29, Fabio Fantoni <> wrote:
I not see the MMIO error on logs, what must I do to see it or any
similar debug information?
Tell me if I must do other specific test or you need other details.
Without the patch you ought to have seen "bad mmio size ..."
I was unable to see the MMIO error on each log files also before the patch.
I don't know if I have enable sufficent debug to log them.
And I have no ideaon how to do it.
This is a guest warning (from log level perspective), so by default
would be visible in a rate limited fashion. If you want to be certain,
just add "loglvl=all guest_loglvl=all". But I'm more and more
convinced that the information we got from you originally was
On grub.cfg now I have:
multiboot       /boot/xen.gz placeholder dom0_mem=4G,max:4G loglvl=all 
But I'm unable to see debug related information in log files.
Log files? There can be a pertinent log file only if you have some
daemon running transferring the hypervisor log into a log file.
Otherwise you need to look at "xl dmesg" output.

Thanks for reply.
This is logs from xl dmesg about Quantal (ubuntu 12.10) hvm domU with qxl vga and patch "x86-HVM-emul-split-large":

(d3) HVM Loader
(d3) Detected Xen v4.4-unstable
(d3) Xenbus rings @0xfeffc000, event channel 4
(d3) System requested SeaBIOS
(d3) CPU speed is 2661 MHz
(d3) Relocating guest memory for lowmem MMIO space disabled
(XEN) irq.c:270: Dom3 PCI link 0 changed 0 -> 5
(d3) PCI-ISA link 0 routed to IRQ5
(XEN) irq.c:270: Dom3 PCI link 1 changed 0 -> 10
(d3) PCI-ISA link 1 routed to IRQ10
(XEN) irq.c:270: Dom3 PCI link 2 changed 0 -> 11
(d3) PCI-ISA link 2 routed to IRQ11
(XEN) irq.c:270: Dom3 PCI link 3 changed 0 -> 5
(d3) PCI-ISA link 3 routed to IRQ5
(d3) pci dev 01:3 INTA->IRQ10
(d3) pci dev 02:0 INTA->IRQ11
(d3) pci dev 03:0 INTA->IRQ5
(d3) pci dev 04:0 INTA->IRQ5
(d3) No RAM in high memory; setting high_mem resource base to 100000000
(d3) pci dev 02:0 bar 10 size 004000000: 0f0000000
(d3) pci dev 02:0 bar 14 size 004000000: 0f4000000
(d3) pci dev 03:0 bar 14 size 001000000: 0f8000008
(d3) pci dev 04:0 bar 30 size 000040000: 0f9000000
(d3) pci dev 02:0 bar 30 size 000010000: 0f9040000
(d3) pci dev 02:0 bar 18 size 000002000: 0f9050000
(d3) pci dev 03:0 bar 10 size 000000100: 00000c001
(d3) pci dev 04:0 bar 10 size 000000100: 00000c101
(d3) pci dev 04:0 bar 14 size 000000100: 0f9052000
(d3) pci dev 02:0 bar 1c size 000000020: 00000c201
(d3) pci dev 01:1 bar 20 size 000000010: 00000c221
(d3) Multiprocessor initialisation:
(d3)  - CPU0 ... 36-bit phys ... fixed MTRRs ... var MTRRs [2/8] ... done.
(d3)  - CPU1 ... 36-bit phys ... fixed MTRRs ... var MTRRs [2/8] ... done.
(d3) Testing HVM environment:
(d3)  - REP INSB across page boundaries ... passed
(d3)  - GS base MSRs and SWAPGS ... passed
(d3) Passed 2 of 2 tests
(d3) Writing SMBIOS tables ...
(d3) Loading SeaBIOS ...
(d3) Creating MP tables ...
(d3) Loading ACPI ...
(d3) vm86 TSS at fc00a080
(d3) BIOS map:
(d3)  10000-100d3: Scratch space
(d3)  e0000-fffff: Main BIOS
(d3) E820 table:
(d3)  [00]: 00000000:00000000 - 00000000:000a0000: RAM
(d3)  HOLE: 00000000:000a0000 - 00000000:000e0000
(d3)  [01]: 00000000:000e0000 - 00000000:00100000: RESERVED
(d3)  [02]: 00000000:00100000 - 00000000:78000000: RAM
(d3)  HOLE: 00000000:78000000 - 00000000:fc000000
(d3)  [03]: 00000000:fc000000 - 00000001:00000000: RESERVED
(d3) Invoking SeaBIOS ...
(d3) SeaBIOS (version debian/1.7.3-1-1-ga76c6f1-dirty-20130813_122010-vfarm)
(d3) Found Xen hypervisor signature at 40000000
(d3) xen: copy e820...
(d3) Relocating init from 0x000e2001 to 0x77fe0600 (size 63795)
(d3) CPU Mhz=2662
(d3) Found 7 PCI devices (max PCI bus is 00)
(d3) Allocated Xen hypercall page at 77fff000
(d3) Detected Xen v4.4-unstable
(d3) xen: copy BIOS tables...
(d3) Copying SMBIOS entry point from 0x00010010 to 0x000f1920
(d3) Copying MPTABLE from 0xfc001170/fc001180 to 0x000f1820
(d3) Copying PIR from 0x00010030 to 0x000f17a0
(d3) Copying ACPI RSDP from 0x000100b0 to 0x000f1770
(d3) Using pmtimer, ioport 0xb008, freq 3579 kHz
(d3) Scan for VGA option rom
(d3) WARNING! Found unaligned PCI rom (vd=1b36:0100) ***
(d3) Running option rom at c000:0003
(XEN) stdvga.c:147:d3 entering stdvga and caching modes ***
(d3) Turning on vga text mode console
(d3) SeaBIOS (version debian/1.7.3-1-1-ga76c6f1-dirty-20130813_122010-vfarm)
(d3) Machine UUID c0d117cd-4e25-47c9-b6cb-2fa70dfd551c
(d3) Found 1 lpt ports
(d3) Found 1 serial ports
(d3) ATA controller 1 at 1f0/3f4/0 (irq 14 dev 9)
(d3) ATA controller 2 at 170/374/0 (irq 15 dev 9)
(d3) ata0-0: QEMU HARDDISK ATA-7 Hard-Disk (12000 MiBytes)
(d3) Searching bootorder for: /pci@i0cf8/*@1,1/drive@0/disk@0
(d3) Searching bootorder for: /pci@i0cf8/*@1,1/drive@1/disk@0
(d3) PS2 keyboard initialized
(d3) All threads complete.
(d3) Scan for option roms
(d3) Running option rom at ca00:0003
(d3) pmm call arg1=1
(d3) pmm call arg1=0
(d3) pmm call arg1=1
(d3) pmm call arg1=0
(d3) Searching bootorder for: /pci@i0cf8/*@4
(d3) Press F12 for boot menu.
(d3) Searching bootorder for: HALT
(d3) drive 0x000f1720: PCHS=16383/16/63 translation=lba LCHS=1024/255/63 s=24576000
(d3) Space available for UMB: cb000-ee800, f0000-f16c0
(d3) Returned 61440 bytes of ZoneHigh
(d3) e820 map has 6 items:
(d3)   0: 0000000000000000 - 000000000009fc00 = 1 RAM
(d3)   1: 000000000009fc00 - 00000000000a0000 = 2 RESERVED
(d3)   2: 00000000000f0000 - 0000000000100000 = 2 RESERVED
(d3)   3: 0000000000100000 - 0000000077fff000 = 1 RAM
(d3)   4: 0000000077fff000 - 0000000078000000 = 2 RESERVED
(d3)   5: 00000000fc000000 - 0000000100000000 = 2 RESERVED
(d3) enter handle_19:
(d3)   NULL
(d3) Booting from Hard Disk...
(d3) Booting from 0000:7c00
(XEN) hvm.c:1213:d3 All CPUs offline -- powering off.

qemu seem to crash at domU's xorg loading, nothing on logs about the crash, only the last line added on xl dmesg above and on qemu log:
qemu: terminating on signal 1 from pid 8485

I found strange things on xl dmesg logs above about domU (I put it in bold and starred).
Thanks for any reply.

This was the test of Anthony Perard with all details about the problem: 
See the "bad mmio size 16" and "MMIO emulation failed @ ..."
messages there?

So my questions are:
- Is your patch aimed to completely solve cpus instrictions with MMIO 
operands > 8 byte or
- does it need also some qemu changes?
The patch is aiming at completely solving the in-hypervisor
emulation issues with operands of more than 8 bytes in size.

Whether on top of that a qemu change is also necessary I
don't know, but I wouldn't have expected so.

Someone qemu maintainer on this?
Thanks for any reply.