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Subject: [Xen-devel] Xen for real-time/embedded/automotive
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 20:14:10 +0100
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Hello everyone,

So, looking at the last Xen Developer Summit, other co-located and
previous conferences, as well as here on the list, there appears to be a
booming interest in running Xen on embedded systems of various kind.

This mail to say that:
 * we're ready to take up the challenge! :-)
 * in doing that, we really are interested in everyone's collaboration
   or, at very least, feedback.

So, if you work in embedded/automotive/aerospace/..., what are you
requirements? How can we improve Xen (on ARM) for your use case?

Personally, I'm mostly interested on the scheduling, latency and, in
general, real-time angle. So whether it is on and Android phone/tablet,
an in-car infotinement system, an audio workstation or a rocket that you
want to run Xen, tell me/us what you need in terms of increased
determinism and decreased latencies!

For instance, I think it would be nice to start with some measurements:
That would basically mean running some latency oriented benchmarks both
in Dom0 and in a guest(s), and compare the result with bare metal.
It would be similar to what Open Source Automation Development Lab
(OSADL) people do on "latency QA farm". Actually, how could would it be
to be able to get in touch with them and have Xen run in there? (They
already do something virt-related, but it's very limited).

Here they are some (more) links:

 - Presentations (from Lovene and Artem) of Xen on some typical embedded
   systems (Android tablet and in-car infotinement)

 - The Real-Time Xen project Sisu is working on:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks and Regards,

<<This happens because I choose it to happen!>> (Raistlin Majere)
Dario Faggioli, Ph.D,
Senior Software Engineer, Citrix Systems R&D Ltd., Cambridge (UK)
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